Our office views nutrition as that which you need to put in your body to have it run optimally and there are two parts to this:

1) What you can get naturally from the garden or the grocery store

2) What you can't get naturally and need to supplement

Our opinion is that you can get most of your nutrients for healthy living by getting a steady diet of fresh fruits and vegetables, backed up by good protein sources ie. animal proteins, and vegetable proteins.

Due to the depletion of mineral content in our soils we do believe that there is a decrease in the nutrient content of our foods that we eat both animal protein sources and vegetable and grain sources. For this reason we recommend using specific supplementation to maintain normal nutient levels in the body.

Also due to the increased use of antibiotics in animal feed, and pesticides and herbicides use in farming it is reasonable to believe that we are having a decrease in the normal good bacterial content in our crops and our meats which means we are not recieving those good bacteria in enough from natural sources.

For this reason we recommend supplementation with probiotic formula's that most naturally meet the needs for the normal healthy human body.

We offer nutritional recommendations for all of our patients to reestablish and maintain normal healthy body's.

We offer specific supplementations to match the needs of the ideal human body chemistry makeup.

A major benefit of eating well nutritionally is that your body can naturally lose significant amounts of weight and keep it off.

Please contact us to schedule an evaluation of your nutritional needs (425)889-4701.