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Massage Therapy

Daniel Godbout MS, LMT MA 60519542

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Dan Godbout MS, LMTMA 60519542

Dan has been a massage therapist since 2013. He really enjoys doing treatment work, helping people regain function lost due to injury. Dan also likes to work with athletes toward maintaining peak functional performance or as part of an injury recovery plan. Dan enjoys being an integral component of people’s self-care strategy.

Massage cupping is a central component of Dan’s approach to body work. Most of the time, he integrates cupping to help facilitate better health outcomes. Dan uses a variety of different tools and modalities to address muscle and connective tissue concerns. Using observational and direct assessment, he customizes each session. Dan may use myofascial release, Swedish, trigger point, PNF stretching, neurofascial release, oscillations, and/ or positional release in his work.

Dan offers two options for massage therapy, traditional and sports.

Sports massage differs from traditional massage in that it is done in a t-shirt and shorts. It is used in a variety of different athletic settings from event applications, to performance maintenance, to injury recovery. However, it can be an effective approach for any treatment work. This is a great option for people that do not like dressing down or dealing with the sheet drapes that comes with standard massage therapy. It’s also more efficient on and off the table. The only downside to sports massage, as strictly defined here, is that it limits or eliminates the use of exceptional modalities such as massage cupping; some tools require direct contact.

Dan educational background includes massage therapy training from Cortiva Institute, Seattle. Additionally, he has a MS in nutrition research, which he earned through Bastyr University. Dan works continually to improve as a therapist through hands-on training and literature so that he can deliver the best possible care.

Ready to make massage therapy a part of your wellness or injury recovery plan?

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