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Massage Therapy

Samantha Desmond ND LMT

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With 14 years experience as a medical massage therapist in conjunction with her doctorate in naturopathic medicine, Dr. Sam will apply her knowledge to your personal health puzzle. Dr. Sam is a strong believer in patient autonomy and will work with you to take your health back into your hands.

Dr. Sam’s approach to medicine can be summed up as individualized patient care and empowerment, topped with a splash of fun. Referred to by one patient as the “Pendragon of healthcare” due to her efforts to unite the different silos of our healthcare system, Dr. Sam is leading the charge of what is possible in quality healthcare for patients through integrative healthcare applications.

Dr. Desmond is past president of the Seattle Storytellers Guild, and plays a variety of instruments including the harp. She has an intense love of travel and the outdoors. She also has two cats, Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Sage Watson.

Call (425)889-4701 to schedule a session. Ask about your $15 discount on your first One hour massage!

Daniel Godbout MS, LMT MA 60519542

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Dan has been a massage therapist since 2013. He graduated from Cortiva Institute – Seattle (2013). Furthermore, he has continued to add to his skill set by taking several additional treatment based seminars. These have included: advanced treatment skills (neck, shoulders, wrist/ forearm, hips, & legs), Trager® (oscillary compression), and neurofascial approach. Dan also holds a MS Nutrition through Bastyr University (2011) where he completed a research thesis where he tested the therapeutic potential of turmeric on a model of type 2 diabetes.

Dan has a passion for treatment work. He uses a variety of techniques and approaches to help restore or maintain peak functionality. This may include: myofascial release, neurofascial work, assisted stretching, sports massage techniques, Trager®, positional release, or trigger point. As no two people are exactly alike, their treatment needs will also differ. Dan customizes treatments based on patient intake and direct assessment, which usually includes a mix of both deep and superficial work. He works diligently to deliver exceptional care. Dan has but one goal, to help each person maintain or return to the highest level of health possible. Dan believes that massage therapy should be an integral component to everyone’s overall wellness strategy.

Call (425)889-4701 to schedule a session. Ask about your $15 discount off a 1st time one hour massage!

For hobbies, Dan enjoys Zumba and Body Combat fitness classes, camping, and keeping current on scientific discoveries and advances (astronomy, health science, biology, environment, weather phenomena). Dan’s approach to life and as a massage therapist is best conveyed within the following passage:

"I expect to pass through this world but once. Any good therefore that I can do, or any kindness or abilities that I can show to any fellow creature, let me do it now. Let me not defer it or neglect it, for I shall not pass this way again."
- William Penn

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