Massage Therapy

Dan Godbout, LMP
Massage is avallable Monday through Friday in the office. You can choose from Relaxation, Deep tissue, or Aromatouch therapy.

Relaxation Massage-get a soothing light massage that allows you to let go of your mental and physical cares and lets you face the world again in a new and improved way.

Dan Godbout, LMT

Deep Tissue Massage- This is more vigorous body work that is designed to create change or faster healing in the soft tissues. This massage you may feel some pain to get some gain, but you can always let your therapist know if it is too much and they can tone it down to work with your tolerance.

Aromatouch- This is a specialty service where key essential oils are added to the massage at specific times in order to help create change in your body, mind, and spirit.*

Massage's are typically one hour to get maximum treatment for most areas of the body. If time is short you can ask for a half hour spot shot massage. There is also chair massage in 10 or 20 minute increments (subject to availability).

Call the office at (425) 889-4701 to schedule your session.

*Aromatouch is not available on all days, please ask for availability



Joie Jacala, EAMP, L.Ac
My skills in East Asian Medicine include acupuncture, herbal and nutritional therapy, tui na Chinese bodywork, cupping, and more. Though my practice focuses include Orthopedic/Sports Acupuncture and Pain Management, Family Practice, and

Joie Jacala pix

Cosmetic Acupuncture, the beauty of East Asian Medicine lies in that, by balancing the body's energy and improving circulation, it addresses the root of the pathology of disease(s). You may find that while you are seeking treatment for a main complaint, secondary issues may be resolved as well.

As a graduate of Pacific College of Oriental Medicine - NYC, the largest educational entity of East Asian Medicine in the US, my training includes extensive hours in Sciences and Western Medicine; herbal studies and clinic applications; bodywork techniques and body manipulation; and hands-on needle technique and clinical treatment experience. I hold a Bachelors in Microbiology, a Masters in Traditional Oriental Medicine, and am in pursuit of a Doctorate in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine.

It is my intention to support my community's health and to provide quality care. My mission is to preserve and improve the health and well-being of individuals in my community by optimizing and balancing the body's natural healing processes in order to prevent disease through acupuncture and its various modalities, herbs, and dietary therapy. As a professional health care provider, I am prepared to share with you my skill set.

In my time away from clinical practice I enjoy spending time with my family, exploring and learning all the time. Adventuring, sports, DIY crafting and bargain hunting for treasures are my other passions.

To schedule your appointment call (425) 889-4701 or schedule online at